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Save the Environment At Home

Fight climate change and environmental degradation by controlling your personal environment - your home.  Here you'll find lists of ideas in the following categories:  In General, Laundry, Bathroom, Meals, House, Appliances, Kitchen, Personal Care, The Yard, Holidays and Events, Raising Kids, Raising Pets


Save the Environment At Work

Depending on the nature of our job we can exert a good deal of influence over our workplace.  Vast amounts of energy and tons of waste are generated in the workplace as would be expected.  So the opportunity is enormous.  Here are some starter ideas for you.  Employees, Building and Grounds, Management


Save the Environment Away from Home

When you are away driving, shopping, eating out, at the beach or anywhere else for that matter you can still think and live sustainably.  Visit the following lists and pick out those ideas that make sense in your life: In General, Shopping, Motels and Restaurants, At the Beach, The Car 


Fight Climate Change with Social Action

For some, doing the hundreds of things at home isn't enough.  They need to act!  Well, I'm with you.  In this section you will find dozens of organizations and hundreds of ideas about how you can change the course of minds and policy.  There is power in numbers and we certainly need all the power we can muster.  Go get 'em! Individual, FamilyState/Federal, Neighborhood, Community/Town, Global


Save the Environment At School

School is a hotbed of potential change for environmental improvement.  Future generations will have to learn why and how to fight the effects of climate change.  Teachers, parents and administrators have to pitch in. Students, Parents, School/Administration, Teachers/Curriculum

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