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How to Save Energy in Your Building at Work:

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

605 If your structure supports it use green roof  Read More

623 Install automatic room-lighting controls   

624 Make sure that bulbs, fixtures, lenses, lamps & other surfaces are cleaned regularly  

625 Install motion-sensor switches on lights in little used areas  

626 Remind others to turn out the lights and turn off equipment when they leave.  

627 Remove lamps where you have more lighting than you really need  

628 Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting  Read More

630 Replace the incandescent floodlight bulbs with LED lights  

631 Install skylights for natural lighting Read More

632 When buying company-owned vehicles compare fuel economy   Read More

634 Install programmable thermostats in your office or business  

635 Install locked cover on thermostat to prevent employees from changing the settings  

636 Set temperature at 70 - 72 in the winter and A/C at 74 - 76 in the summer.  

637 Close off and insulate unneeded windows and other openings   

638 Gradually turn down the temperature on the hot water heater at work   

639 Wrap the hot water tank at work with insulation to reduce heat loss from the tank.  

640 Keep your exterior and freight doors closed as much as possible   

641 Compare the energy requirements of office equipment Read More

642 Carefully evaluate energy consumption when buying or replacing industrial equipment  

643 Using heavy equipment during off peak hours, is a good way to save energy.  

644 Install ceiling and wall insulation in your business.   

645 Have employees use lap top computers that use up to 80 percent less energy  

646 Turn off your office equipment when not in use  

647 Smart power strips sense presence of office workers & turn equipment off Read More

648 Turn off business machines and industrial equipment when not in use.  

776 Bioswale your landscaping  Read More

857 Use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies  

858 Ask hired cleaning companies for the sustainability statement and certifications  

867 Replace all lighting with LEDs  

869 Buy from local vendors whenever possible  

870 Replace toilets with low flow toilets  

871 Install low flow faucets  

873 Have signage by all receptacles showing what can be discarded and what can't  

883 Improve air quality by using plants  Read More

931 Use zone heating and cooling throughout the building  

936 Make sure all mechanical equipment is properly maintained  

951 Install a commercial wind turbine  DEBATE And More

1159 Don't put address on business card - let people communicate with you electronically

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