This website is for those who believe climate change is real, caused by humans and threatens our survival.  It is for those who are worried or angry or frustrated about environmental damage we have done and need to do "something".  So here are some suggestions.  You'll notice that there aren't 10,001 ideas yet.  That's the goal.  Each month we'll add more til we get there and beyond. We are relying on you to help out. In the meantime, jump in and see if there is an idea on the list you want to try out.

Mission (Read More)

Our mission is to provide resources to those who wish to create a sustainable environment in their own lives and in the lives of all living creatures.

Judy and I were married in 1972 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Earth Day, a creation of fellow Wisconsinite Gaylord Nelson, was first held on April 22, 1970.  We didn't listen as well as we should have.  Now, 3 children and seven grandchildren later, we are in tune.  As late as it is in our lives, we must believe that it isn't too late.  We know there are many like us who feel compelled to act.  The question is: What do we do?  This website hopes to supply some suggestions.  Fortunately, we have been joined by a very talented team as devoted to the preservation of the environment as we are.


How this website got started.

Many of you may also want to speak out about climate change and environmental degradation.  You want to express your opinion and tell your story.  We think that's important too.  So we have created a Users' Blog for you.  It's categorized by generation.  Send your thoughts and we'll help you share them with others. 

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