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Ways Your Family Can Fight Climate Change

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

13 Have only one or two children  Read More

144 Donate to food kitchens  Read More

334 Use social media to share useful environmental and climate change info

301 Have family brainstorming session to save the environment

339 Take the 4Rs Pledge  

743 visit your community energy saving websites

1117 Visit National Parks

1119 Live in a multi family structure  Density reduces carbon footprint

1169 Clean up a favorite local park with your kids

1171 Watch the Story of Stuff with your family Read More

1172 Watch important movies that explain our situation Read More

1173 Watch The Story of Water Read More

This idea from the Social Action Section of the site helps us all understand a key issue concerning our public water supply.  The video link above addresses privatization of water systems in our communities.  The place to begin a social action is with information about a problem or issue.  Once you frame the issue you can start to formulate and organize a response.  The website we have linked to has a number of excellent videos to watch.

1174 Watch the Story of Microfibers Read More

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