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How Administrators Can Save Energy at School

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

155 Ask school boards about their environmental and energy policies 

191 Help create an environmental club at school  Read More

193 Help school develop environmental policy  Read More

194 Have special days for the environment  Read More

200 Grow a school garden

206 Build environmental library for students

214 Reward student environmental leaders

224 Make it a school rule to take care of the environment

227 Get the custodians involved in greening up the school  Read More

228 Harvest rainwater off the schools roof  Read More

231 Promote green cleaning of the school

232 Retrofit the lighting in the building

233 Get ARC for your school  Read More

235 Use recycled school materials

239 Create a recycling center in the school staffed by students  Read More  And More

248 Develop a go green data base  Read More

253 Send notes electronically 

254 Promote idle free school zone where parents turn off cars while waiting

255 Apply for green grants for your school  Read More

838 Make sure classrooms have recycling bins

939 Create a Birdhouse Habitat Around Your Playground

1089 Create plastic free school  Read More  And More

1149  Use  platform like "ARC" to measure sustainability of building Read More

1150 Attend green school expos and conferences Read More

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