Ways to Save Energy with Your Car

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

14 Car pool

86 Don’t accelerate so fast 

96 Use Used parts when possible Read More   Read More

100 Use self driving features on autos  Read More

142 Record your trips to analyze the amount you travel

167 Buy a self driving car  Read More

169 Use non-toxic cleaner when washing car  Read More

179 Regularly maintain your vehicle  Read More

180 Crack your car window when parked in the sun in the summer

181 Used car vent fan to exhaust hot air when parked

183 Use professional car wash service instead of washing it yourself  Read More

265 Put a couple hundred thousand miles on your cars

269 Remove excess weight from your car  Read More

270 Rent energy efficient vehicles  Read More

I started doing this several years ago.  I figured that when we travel and have to rent a car we don't really need a big one.  Not only did I conserve fuel but, of course, I saved quite a bit of money.  Then something unexpected occurred.  Since very few people rent the smaller cars many of the car rental companies (I use Enterprise) don't have many small cars.  When I pick up the car I find that I've been upgraded to a larger vehicle at no extra cost.  I'm sure that it depends on where you rent your cars but at my locations it happens 3 out of every 4 times.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It's a conundrum.

280 Use bucket when washing car to reduce amount of water used  Read More

345 Use E85 Gas if possible  Read More

425 Use cruise control

426 Make sure your tires are properly inflated  Read More

427 Don’t idle your car and wait for it to cool down

428 Don’t drive aggressively  Read More

429 Brake gently by anticipating stops 

430 Avoid rush hour if you can

431 When getting into a hot car roll down the windows open the sun roof

432 Park in a shady spot

433 Find your sweet spot for mileage

434 If stopping for more than 30 seconds turn off the engine

435 Avoid carrying items on the roof of your car  Read More

436 Don’t use luggage racks

437 When buying a vehicle compare gasoline ratings

438 Buy a hybrid  Read More

439 Get in your car, adjust the mirror and fasten the seat belt, then start the car.

440 Map your route before you get lost

442 Use car wash that recycles the water

456 Have cutoff nozzle on your hose when not using it while washing car

494 Don’t top off tank - it forces fumes into the air

561 Recycle your car when done with it  Read More

570 Check your gas cap to make sure it isn’t cracked 

590 Use right grade of gasoline Read More

660 Purchase radial tires or low rolling tires   Read More

671 Don’t wash your car in the driveway, wash it on the lawn  Read More

672 Recycle motor oil

682 Maintain fuel system in car

683 Periodically check emissions system

684 Maintain the radiator in the car for proper cooling

723 Use ride sharing services

724 Learn to read full economy labels on cars

758 Turn car air conditioning fan to auto  Debate

844 Get a white or light colored car  Read More

975 Buy an electric car  Read More

980 Downsize your vehicle  Read More

1001 If your car uses excessive oil get rid of the car or fix it

1133 Download a transit app to your phone

1056 You use less energy with in car going 60 with windows closed and AC on

1057 Scrap car windows of ice manually rather than with defroster

1058 Don't wait for car to heat up before leaving

1185 Buy biodegradable, non-toxic golf balls Read More

1188 DIY Make produce bags from t-shirts Read More

1189 a taxi may be greener than Uber or Lyft Read More

1216 Buy plastic free flip-flops Read More

1220 Avoid buying cds and dvds Read More

1235 Be a van pool driver read more

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