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 Managing Appliances to save energy

Washer and Dryer

See Laundry Above


Refrigerator and Dishwasher

See in Kitchen Above


(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

Appliances In General

30 Fix rather than buy appliances when you can

33 Use atmospheric water generator Read more   And More

58 Always look for Energy Star Label on appliances  Read more

67 Look for appliance recycling programs in your town

115 Measure your energy usage with a kilowatt reader  Read more

496 Turn off the dehumidifier on dry days when it's not needed.

497 Turn off the humidifier on humid days when it's not needed.

530 Appliances add heat to your home operate in the morning or evening when cooler

574 Run your major appliances during non-peak electrical hours, after 8 p.m  Read more

733 Dispose of your refrigerator and air conditioner properly  Read more

754 Do moisture producing chores like washing clothes and dishes when its cooler

796 Check gas appliance flames - they should be blue  Read more

800 Be familiar with pros & cons of biomass fuels  Read more   And More

1053 Clean humidifier coil regularly of mold and dirt

1054 Make sure humidifier has ample air around it for best performance

Furnace/Air Conditioner/Ventilation

93 Use environmentally sound refrigerants

98 Set cool temperature higher

99 Set high temperature lower

102 Put a solar system on your house  Read more

103 Put in a geothermal system  Read more

104 Put in a heat pump for heating and cooling  

105 Don't bake on summer afternoons when AC is on

121 Use zone heating around the house to save energy  Read more

247 Clean your heating vents and keep them unblocked

266 Ceiling fans promote more uniform heating and cooling  Read more

Don't just own ceiling fans, learn how to use them.  

282 Don’t block radiators

286 Get annual tune up on your furnace  Read more

287 Get annual tune up on your air conditioner  Read more

288 Buy a new high efficiency furnace or air conditioner  Read more

300 Don’t jump thermostat too high then have to turn it down  Read more

303 Change the pads on your evaporative cooler before each summer

459 Use high supply for cooling and supply grilles for heating  Read more

495 Don't run evap cooler and AC at the same time

519 Cranking up thermostat on a heat pump system may turn on back-up heating strips 

520 Install programmable thermostat that will automatically adjusts temperature  Read more

521 Changing the furnace filter every few months will save energy  Read more

522 Keep furniture and drapes away from the HVAC air supply and return grilles

523 Be sure air conditioner is fully charged with freon so it operates efficiently  Read more

524 Install baffle plate or damper in cooler before switching to AC

525 When buying an air conditioner, don't over-size it  Read more

526 Install your air conditioning compressor in a shady spot, it will work more efficiently.

527 Allow plenty of air flow around the air conditioning compressor for more efficiency

528 Bleed air from hot water radiators a couple of times each season  Read more                 529 Place heat resistant radiator reflectors between the exterior walls and the radiators.

531 During the winter, remove window air conditioners and seal the windows

532 Cover the central air conditioner in the winter with a tarp to keep it clean  Read more

533 Install variable speed Furnaces and ACs  Read more

534 Install a whole-house fan in the attic to draw hot air out of the house

535 Close the doors and shut the vents in the rooms you don't use?  Maybe not  Read more

537 Use ventilating fans in your kitchen, bath and utility area prudently  Read more

538 Use small UL approved space heater as efficient way to supplement heating  Read more

541 Inspect HVAC duct system to be sure properly sealed and well insulated Read more

594 Reverse your ceiling fans by the season as recommended

596 Be sure to set lower heating temp and higher cooling temp when on vacation

611 During daylight in winter, open all the drapes and blinds on south-facing windows

612 Close all the window blinds and drapes at night to reduce heat loss 

752 Turn off fans in empty rooms

757 Make sure your attic is properly ventilated  Read more

785 Use biomass or waste sources for pellet fueled stoves

785 Avoid portable heaters they usually use a lot of energy  Read more

1029 Don't use oven to heat home 

1063 Keep thermostat away from warm appliances etc so it doesn't short cycle

1068 Save energy by keeping difference between stat setting & outside temp close Read More

1142 Buy green power from your utility Read More

Digital Devices

21 Print as little as possible

22 Use both sides of paper

23 Use smaller font sizes

70 Unplug TV and other energy using appliances when vacationing  Read more

132 Read digital books

178 Recycle your cell phone  Read more

184 Don’t print tickets - use e-tickets  Read more

234 Stream your videos instead of buying DVDs  Read more

294 Buy a solar smart phone charger  Read more

296 Use your phone as an alarm clock instead an actual plug in clock

298 Unplug that xbox and play station  Read more

299 Unplug your printer and computer

389  Use bamboo key board and mouse  Read more

503 Turn off other home office equipment when not in use.

506 Dispose of your electronics correctly at recycling station for electronics

712 Buy a laptop instead of a desktop - they use less energy

713 If not using computer for a while be sure to turn off rather than energy saver

748 Don't fall asleep with the TV on

750 Buy advanced power strips to stop energy draw in standby mode  Read more

801 Avoid using screen savers  Read more

802 Set your television to the "standard" setting to reduce brightness  Read more

803 Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged

804 Look for Energy Star electronic equipment

805 Avoid streaming content on game consoles that use  more energy  Read more

806 Ask provider for Energy Star set-top box from your cable company

918 Buy re-manufactured ink for printer  Read more

1059 Use a low-energy inkjet printer rather than an energy-guzzling laser printer

1111 Get rid of that answering machine

1154 When printing from website use print format button 

1155 Make smaller margins on your document that will take fewer pages Read More

1156 Use smaller font

Water Heater

109 Insulate your hot water lines

267 Place your water heater as close as possible to the point of highest water use

285 Put timer on water heater to use when gone or even at night

589 Set your water heater to the "vacation" mode when you're away from home

591 Lower your water temperature to 120

595 If you have old inefficient water heater buy a new one  Read more

597 Don't replace the hot water heater with one bigger than you really need  Read more

598 Replace tank type water heater with instantaneous water coils  Read more

599 Drain quart of water from hot water tank every few months to remove sediment  Read more

940 Consider installing a solar water heater  Read more


Fireplace and Stoves

182 Use only good hardwoods in fire place  Read more   And More

485 Install glass doors on all fireplaces

486 Have chimney inspected and cleaned regularly if used often  Read more

487 Use outside air source for your fireplace  Read more

488 Keep your fireplace damper closed in the winter when not in use

490 In the summer, open the damper to create a natural cooling draft

491 If you don't use your fireplace insulate and seal it  Read more

492 Use grates made of C-shaped metal tubes to recirculate room air through fireplace 

493 Install a circulating fan in your fireplace to save energy in your home  Read more

657 Don’t use your wood stove or fireplace when air quality is poor

658 Avoid slow-burning fires. They produce the largest amount of pollution  Read more

1087 Don't use a wood stove or fireplace when air quality is bad

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