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Ways to Protect the Environment at Restaurants   and Motels

1 Don’t use plastic knives, forks and spoons whenever possible  Read More

2 Carry your own straw  Read More

3 When takeout ask not to include paper napkins and utensils

4 Take coffee cup to coffee shops

5 Take it home from the restaurant  Read More

6 Leave the "do not disturb" sign on door to stop daily cleaning of your room

7 Be sure to turn off all power when leaving motel room

8 Return brochures and maps to concierge for reuse

9 Carry your own containers for take-out food and leftovers  Read More  And More

10 When ordering pizza say no to the little plastic table in the middle of the box

11 Buy ice cream cones instead of in a dish that is usually plastic  Read More

12  Take unused napkins from fast food place home  Read More

13  Make sustainable seafood choices at the restaurant  Read More

14 Don’t use small soap and shampoo bottles in motels take your own  Read More

15 Invite local restaurant to join the food waste challenge  

16 Use motel towels more than one day

17 Eat out less  Read More

18 Stay at Eco hotels   Read More

19 Avoid using any straws including paper

20 Carry a utensil and napkin pack when traveling

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