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Ways to Fight Climate Change in Your Town or City

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

139 Participate in environmental clean ups 

166 Lobby local government to develop tree planting program for the community  Read More

189 Volunteer on earth day event  

325 Lobby politicians to preserve wetlands

370 Sponsor Town Hall meeting on environment 

371  Have a meeting with your local politician on environment  Read More

398  Start a political action group to raise money for local politicians  Read More

404  Attend environmental seminars and speakers who come to your town

406  Create buying group to wield local consumer power 

603 Work with your town to build sidewalk planter boxes

674 Ask companies for the sustainability statement  Read More

701 Lobby local officials to build more recycling facilities  Read More

978 Write letters about the environment to local newspapers  Read More

1018 Urge your mayor to join 100% renewable energy groups  Read More

1033 Support companies who train employees in environmental sustainability   Read More

1095 Give talks on environment to local service clubs and organizations

1125 Fight parking lots Read More

1126 Support light rail in your town Read More

1128 Advocate for better building efficiency codes

1123 Push for 100% clean energy community Read More

1131 Close off streets to cars in your town when it makes sense

1136 Ask your utility to buy clean electricity

1138 Get and use WARM model for business and governments Read More

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