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 Raising Kids and saving environment

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

101 Teach kids to compost food they didn't eat at school for lunch  Read more

171 Use cloth diapers  Read more  Debate

172 Use environmentally friendly disposable diapers  Read more

321 Use biodegradable disposable diapers  Read more

401  Follow a nature study on You Tube  Read more

482 Teach kids to turn off water when brushing teeth  Read more

816 Teach kids to unplug small appliances after use

821 Set an example by always doing the green thing

822 Invest in e-readers for the kids  Read more  Debate

823 Plant a butterfly garden  Read more

824 Give kids pet responsibility: dogs, cats, birds etc

826 Take kids shopping so they can learn to buy green


Now here is a great fun idea but you have to be organized.  Call it a treasure hunt.  Put together a check-list to use. Each toy or food or beverage or piece of clothing or whatever gets a star for every one of the following characteristics: plastic-free, chemical-free, package free, organic, energy efficient (energy star label), natural (like cotton instead of polyester for example) and Fair Trade. You don't have to buy the items just find them.  Then examine the item and its packaging and contents.  Read labels.  Try to find as many 3 star to 5 star items as you can.  Make up your own lists, rules and rewards.  After a few treasure hunts like this your kids will get pretty smart about green shopping. 

828 Plan environmentally-friendly and educational vacations  Read more

829 Visit National Parks, State Parks, Museums, etc

830 Give kids recycling responsibilities  Read more

831 Make their birthday parties earth friendly

832 Have kids grown their own plants or garden  Read more

835 Take kids on community clean up

836 Teach kids to donate unused toys and books

845 Have kids help make home made cleaning products

846 Steer kids to movies and TV shows about nature and the environment

847 Digitally subscribe to kids environmental magazines and read with them

848 Read kids books on nature and the environment

849 Set up a minibeast hotel of worms or snails  Read more  And More

850 Get them involved in an environmental kids group

851 Have them help pack a no-waste lunch box  Read more

852 Pick up litter when you are out and about

853 Instead of buying a new toy set up a toy swap with the neighbor kids or other friends  Read more

854 Don't buy small package kids drinks with straw

855 Stay away from small package baby foods

1014 Show kids how to properly start and extinguish camp fires Read More

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