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  Personal Care Ideas to fight climate change & save the environment

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

19 Buy less clothing  Read more   And More

37 Find a cobbler to fix your shoes and change your soles 

73 Don't use aerosol sunscreen  Read more

130 Use reusable menstrual cup Read more

164 Monitor chemicals in cosmetics and use more chemical free products  Read more

307 Choose metal over plastic razors or razors that replace head of razor only  Read more

309 Use cloth diapers  Read more

323 Don’t use aerosol deodorants

326 Use chemically neutral sun screens  Read more

327 Use CBDs instead of strong pain medication  Read more

340 Use an electric razor  Read more

382  Find plastic free sun screen  Read more

383  Try solid shave soap instead of canned shave cream  Read more

376 Use handkerchief instead of tissue  Read more

386  Use toothpaste tablets instead of toothpaste in a tube  Read more And more

402  Recycle your clothes  Read more

536 Add an extra blanket for warmth and turn down the furnace while sleeping.

575 Use coffee grounds with lemon and brown sugar as skin cream  Read more

670 Stop smoking  

687 Dry your hair vigorously after shower.  Good for scalp, lowers electric dryer time.

727 Find a tailor to sew your clothes and fix your zippers

728 Dental Floss without the plastic  Read more

734 Use cotton and recycled cotton clothing  Read more

735 Recycle your old jeans  Read more

784 Donate your unworn clothes

890 Turn off sleep mode after 15 minutes

952 Use organic cotton and organic bamboo

962 Make your own face cleanser  Read more

963 Go  without makeup for one week each month

968 Buy green makeup  Read more

985 Learn to sew

1037 Make your own toothpaste

1038 Use silicon q tips

1050 Buy sun glasses with metal or bamboo frames Read More

1052 Go to school board meetings

1074 Use a safety razor with blades before you use plastic razors

1081 Make your own deodorant Read More

1103 change into play or work clothes 

1197 Men, make your own deodorant Read More

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