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Ways to Fight Climate Change on a Global Scale

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

26 Demand less packaging from manufacturers 

156 Write a hotel chain about making changes to their motels  Read More

157 Write restaurant chains to make environmental & energy efficiency changes  Read More

256 Call your national politician and ask about their stand on the environment

333 Encourage everyone to use this site and others like it

338 Support Environmental Law Institute Read More

365 Adopt a wild animal through an organization  Read More  And More

374 Push legislation that all companies must use X% recycled materials  Read More

399 Use Amazon Smile & select charity to give portion of proceeds DEBATE  Read More  And More

400  Join United Nations chapter and focus on environment  Read More

423 Support Marine conservation projects

970 boycott items that endanger wildlife  Read More

1124 Hold Fossil fuel companies accountable

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