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Ways Teachers Can Save the Environment With        Curriculum Changes

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

192 Help develop environmental curriculum at school Read More

195 Teach empathy for world creatures

196 Teach how to calculate carbon footprint  Read More

197 Conduct energy audit in the classroom  And More

199 Green up your classroom supplies

201 Take a class nature walk

202 Show how to make a worm bin  Read More

205 Join "roots and shoots"  Read More

207 Create carbon maps in class  Read More

208 Create climate-art projects  Read More

209 Develop wind turbine projects  Read More

210 Create solar power projects  Read More

212 Have "environment competitions" between classes

213 Watch some environmental movies in class  Read More

230 Review vampire energy problem with with all students  Read More

240 Add plants to your classroom tended by students

242 Develop a green slogan for your classroom  Read More

243 Use acid free glue sticks

244 Use petroleum free crayons

246 User refillable dry erase markers

249 Adopt a rain forest  

250 Start a class web site  Read More

251 Use water based paints

842 Have class send letters & pictures to politicians about environment  Read More   And More

938 Hold a solar cookout for the students  Read More

1061 Teach students about green job possibilities  

1097 Invite guest speakers on environment to speak to your class

1144 Project: observe how organic and inorganic materials decompose

1145 Check out projects on Read More

1146 have a school wide environmental poster contest

1147 Participate in the "Best of Green Schools" Awards Read More

1148 Become a green certified teacher Read More

1178 Consider the book "Buy, Use, Toss?" for your curriculum

1137 Have your school participate in the Recycle-Bowl Read More

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