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Raising Pets and saving the environment

1 Use pet safe non chemical de-icers  Read more

2 Avoid plastic feeding bowls  

3 Pick up pet waste  Read more

4 Consider not having a pet or sharing a pet  Read more

5 Check pet doors to see if they are tight

6 Use biodegradable poop bags for pets  Read more

7 Adopt pets instead of breeding them  Read more

8 Try home-made flea & tick solutions such as vinegar, lemon juice and water  Read more

9 Change your pet's eating habits if overweight

10 Make a dog waste composter Read More

11 Don't play fetch with tennis balls that contain lead Read More

12 Beware of toxic chemicals in canned pet food Read More

13 Use some excess foods for reprocessing into your pet's food

14 Don't let your cat roam outside and kill birds Read More

15 Spay and neuter your pet

16 Buy plant based pet food Read More

17 Use a non-toxic shampoo for your pet

18 Donate $ to pet shelters

19 Don't use paper towels to clean up your pet Read More

20 Reduce the chemicals in your house Read More

21 Check the labels on pet products for chemicals Read More

22 Make your own dog and cat treats Read More

23 Buy in bulk when you can

24 Build a dog house out of recycled wood Read More

25 Don't use hair dryers to dry your pet

26 Use eco friendly cat litter

27 Don't give your pet bottled water Read More

28 Donate old towels to animal shelters

29 Choose eco friendly companies for your pet supplies Read More

30 Recycle your pet food containers Read More

31 Donate old pet gear Read More

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