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How to Save Energy When Shopping

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

4 Buy water in gallon or larger jugs

17 Shop environmentally and understand what that means 

18 Don’t take receipts at gas station or restaurants or anywhere  Read More

24 Take your own coffee cup to coffee shops

40 Buy food for one day 

41 Buy foods in bulk when it makes sense  Read More

44 Buy products in metal or glass containers instead of plastic

65 Always take paper over plastic

123 Don’t buy what you don’t need

124 Avoid products with excess packaging  Read More

125 Buy for durability, life long products  Read More

127 Visit and buy from second hand stores and thrift shops

134 Use paper products made of recycled paper  

137 Check availability of item online or by call before going out to find it

140 Shop virtually  Read More

291 Buy booze in glass bottles

356 Don't use plastic tooth picks, buy wooden ones instead

385  Buy lip balm in plastic free container

441 Order more than one item at a time when online

508 When shopping, refuse a bag if you don't need it

509 Reuse your grocery bags or better yet, go 

510 Do you really need to use individual plastic bags for produce at the grocery store?

562 Buy coffee in bags rather than plastic containers

666 Avoid products with several layers of packaging 

690 Buy milk in cartons not plastic bottles

707 Buy chocolates that are not individually wrapped

964 Become a member of a local co-op  Read More

1038 Take groceries and products to car unbagged and place in empty boxes in trunk

1185 Buy biodegradable, non-toxic golf balls Read More

1188 Make produce bags from t-shirts Read More

1246 Buy fewer processed foods

Ways to Save Energy at the Grocery Store

27 Refuse second wrap for meat at grocery store.  I mean its already wrapped

45 Buy cereal in bags or boxes but not in both a box and a bag

46 Don’t wrap produce at store buy loose and put in cloth bags

50 Buy from  local farmers  Read More

52 Eat seasonal foods to reduce food transport costs 

91 Bag it yourself.

92 Buy meat not wrapped in plastic 

136 Buy from farmers markets

143 Plan your meals in advance of shopping - make a list!  

     It's amazing how much good a shopping list can do.  It will save you time, help you focus on the things you need rather than fall victim to impulse buying, help you stay within your budget, allow you to consider buying good foods, let family members make input into the family diet, reduce stress by eliminating panic buying, reduce waste, contribute to family health, and, oh yes, save you money.  With a bit of discipline you can achieve all these benefits and make grocery shopping a more pleasant experience. 

    When making your list take your time and do a good job.  Find a list making tool or post a list builder on the fridge.  At the top of every list put the following: Avoid Excessive Packaging, Avoid Plastics, Buy Fair Trade, Inspect Chemical Content, Remember the Cloth Shopping Bags, Buy in Bulk, Buy Local, Buy Organic.

    There is an old saying in business; "failing to plan is planning to fail".  Get into the Eco-Shopping List habit.

215 Buy sustainable sea food  Read More

220 Buy cans or glass bottles instead of plastic bottles

236 Find and buy toilet paper not wrapped in plastic

315 Return containers for food to farmers market to be reused

316 Buy Fresh breads in paper bags or no bags

317 Choose milk in returnable milk bottles

318 Buy large wheels of unwrapped cheese

319 Choose wine in glass with corks

320 Choose plastic-free chewing gum - that’s right  Read More

361 Stop buying frozen convenience foods DEBATE  Read More    Debate

362 Buy dishwasher detergent in a box

379  Look for plastic free shoes  Read More

593 Buy as little tissue as possible and not in small packages  

681 Bring container to butcher and for prepared foods at store

715 Buy biodegradable cat litter

843 Buy 100% recycled toilet paper

986 Buy compostable plates, knives, forks and spoons

1070 Choose wine bottles with real cork to avoid BPA and plastics

1079 Use returnable growlers to buy beer Read More

1110 Don't buy tea bags

1221 Buy Inglorious fruits and vegetables Read More

1222 Should you buy sustainable palm oil?  DEBATE Read More

Hard-goods and Clothing

165 Buy wood products with a Forest Stewardship Council certificate  Read More

186 Buy paper based cotton buds with paper spindle

219 Buy clothing and other items from environmental groups

221 Buy wooden toilet seats

226 Look for sustainability product stamps and certifications

331 When shopping always ask "What on this product is plastic"

332 When shopping always ask "What are the chemicals in this product"

714 Buy organic cotton clothing  Read More

862 Buy fair trade products  Read More

1035 Choose natural fabrics - cotton, wool, flax and hemp

1098 Remember wool clothing needs less washing Read More

1194 Buy recycled backyard play equipment Read More

1196 Go with  Green Mattress Read More

1234 Be in tune with foods that carry the most pesticides Read More

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