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 Ways to save energy and the environment at Home

The home is a place over which we have a great deal of control.  It is also a font of pollution and energy usage.  We affect the environment by the way we eat, our methods of heating and cooling, the way we handle lighting and ventilation and water, what we grow, how we handle our garbage and trash, and by the chemicals we use.  The following ideas can help to reshape your small patch of the globe.


(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

3 Use reusable Aluminum or steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles

16 Opt out of junk mail sources  Read More

32 Use dehumidifier water for plants Read More

64 Buy a personal waste furnace to recycle plastics etc back to oil   Debate!

66 Use rags instead of paper towels Read More

126 Borrow or rent items you rarely need

133 Turn useless junk into creative works of art Read More

174 Read online newspapers Read More

177 Get in habit of turning off lights whenever leaving a room

185 Cancel your bank statements and get online Read More

187 Pay bills online Read More

217 Use foams & aerosols based on compressed air rather than other propellants Read More

258 Run cold water instead of hot whenever you can

284 Open drapes to let in the sun/Close to when sun is gone

297 Unplug that plug-in air freshener Read More

305 Raise the humidity in the winter  Read More

308 Get rid of plastic hampers and use cloth or wood

330 Don’t use plastic handles on cabinets

336 Use cardboard banker boxes for storage rather than plastic containers Read More 

363 Recycle your cds  Read More   And More

378 Use pens other than plastic  Read More   And More

390  Use rubber or metal buckets instead of plastic

391  Bookmark your city's recycling site on your computer and phone

448 Use an extra blanket at night and turn down the heat 2 degrees more

453 If you can’t do the green work make a punch list for a insured, certified handyman

481 Have an occasional family meeting to discuss ways you can save energy at home

483 Have rewards for family members come up with great energy saving ideas 

484 Keep track of your utility bills to see how much energy you can save at home

499 Use recycled paper towels and tissue

500 Avoid plastic bags like the plague Read More

505 Get your magazines on line Read More

507 Use empty pill bottles creatively to store pins, buttons, nails, etc

613 On hot days in the summer, close the drapes and blinds on the windows

654 Reuse items like envelopes, folders and paper clips

655 print documents with soy-based inks that are less toxic  Read More

656 Recycle printer cartridges  Read More

668 Reuse packaging cartons and shipping materials

669 Use old newspaper for packing material

679 De-clog your drains naturally Read More

686 Share more with neighbors:  tools, ladders, lawn mowers, snow plows etc

700 Find and use local recycling facilities

702 Move in with your partner so you light and heat one home rather than two

705 Donate your leftover paint to a community project

706 Drink tap or filtered water, not bottled or canned water  Read More

710 Drapes and curtains keep in more heat than blinds

711 Cut up the plastic rings from six packs or don't buy them Read More

721 Rent things instead of buying them

722 Make your own cleaning supplies Read More

725 Break down cardboard boxes and reuse

726 Use biodegradable trash bags   Read More

825 Buy an Eco-friendly mattress Read More

833 Use local library app for digital book loans

841 Email invitations and thank you notes

741 Reupholster instead of buying new furniture

746 Before throwing away old furniture, think about ways to recycle it locally

798 Use pasta, jam and olive jars for odds and ends throughout your home

901 Avoid furniture with particle board in it  Read More

942 Adopt a minimalist approach to living Read More

953 Use spider plants and others to enhance air quality Read More

956 Opt out of credit card offers that come in the mail Read More

997 Be familiar with recycling symbols on materials and what they mean  Read More

1005 Recycle credit cards Read more   And More

1015 Use biodegradable gift cards  Read More

1025  Live in a multi-family building  Read More   And More

1036 Drink it the European way - un-refrigerated  Read More

1039 Use glass vases for flowers

1040 Use wood coasters

1041 Decorate with wall planter art Read More

1043 Buy ceramic or clay decorative vases

1044 Don't use plastic flowers and plants in your house

1045 Buy wood picture frames

1047 Don't buy plastic place mats

1048 Buy metal tools with as little plastic as possible

1078 e commerce packaging a big problem Read More

1082 Take an inventory of all your plastic bottles and make plans to use them

1085 Never dump anything down a storm drain Read More

1094 Know how your local resources get to you - water, electricity, fuel and food Read More

1109 Use mouse traps instead of poisons 

1112 Have a metal scrap bin for all discarded metals

1114 Shred newspaper for packing material Read More

1115  Use your local library for magazines

1129 Reduce light waste at night Read More

1132 Buy and use a cargo bike Read More

1140 Reuse those coffee cup sleeves

1151 use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper  Read More

1152 Don't print out your on line receipts - save as PDFs Read More

1180 Take the tape off cardboard boxes before recycling Read More

1181 Don't throw paper or plastic that is smaller than 3 inches into recycling bin Read More

1182 Flatten boxes before recycling to help recycling system process

1183 Don't throw shredded paper into recycling system Read More

1186 Don't recycle bottle cap DEBATE Read More

1187 Don't get green washed Read More

1212 DIY Make your own glue  Read More

1213 Use good ol' wood cots for camping

1214 Buy cotton tents

1215 Use stainless steel water container for camping

1241 Keep the sound down Read More

1242 Oil your tools to preserve them longer

1248 Conserve water even in water rich areas Read More

1263 Use a plastic pollution calculator

1264 Use stores liquid soaps refill with their glass refill bottles Read More

1288 Be aware of your water footprint Read More

1250 Use Green trash bags Read More

1267 Donate your styrofoam peanuts to shipping company for reuse

1275 You can use styrofoam to protect important photos in storage

1303 Use mechanically powered flashlights without batteries Read More

1311 Take family walks instead of car rides

1324 Use paper bags for puzzle pieces and not plastic bags

1395 Choose matches over lighter Read More

1403 Dilute your cleaning products Read More

1408 Don't buy fixtures with specialty bulbs in them

1421 Make the picture a postcard instead of putting it in an envelope

1443 Don't bag your recycling Read More

1444 If you don't know if an item is recyclable throw it out Read More

1445 Get an extra recycling bin just for paper Read More

1502 Iron plastic bags to make coasters Read More

1521 Serve tap water instead of bottled water Read More

1580 Avoid fabric protection - difficult to prove it is eco-friendly Read More

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