Yard  Ideas to fight climate change & save the environment

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

In General

90 Consider an electric grille  Read more

662 Ignite charcoal barbecues with an electric probe or other alternative to lighter fluid

1198 Use bamboo beer can holders

1243 Barbecue vegan

The Pool

122 Use a pool cover  Read more

443 Install a new filter in your swimming pool  Read more

444 Keep pool water temperature at 80 degrees

446 Install new energy saving pump for your pool

445 Use solar water heater for your pool  Read more

447 Install a vinyl/foam cover to retain the heat in hot tub

745 Use pool pump timer and run your pump fewer hours

767 clean pump strainers and baskets

768 Avoid draining and refilling your pool


Water use

9 Harvest rain water for lawns and plants  Read more

10 Replace lawn with less water using landscapes  Read more

455 Reduce landscape watering schedule. Experts say that most yards are over-watered  Read more

457 Plants grow slowly in the cooler weather. Reduce your watering schedule accordingly  Read more

458 Turn off your automatic irrigation system when rain is predicted

460 Check sprinkler system on a regular basis to be sure it's giving you the right coverage.

461 Install a rain sensor device to override the irrigation timer of the sprinkler system 

462 Use a "soaker" hose rather than a sprinkler, where possible  Read more  

463 Water in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid evaporation. 

475 Stop using a hose to clean driveways and walkways wastes 

477 Check all hoses, connectors, spigots for leaks. Install new hose washers when needed

588 Use permeable pavements and sidewalks  Read more

693 Plant shrubbery that doesn’t need as much water  Read more

753 Plant a rain garden  Read more

840 Use watering can to water plants instead of hose  Read more

1086 Follow your communities water usage restrictions

Garden and Grass  

51 Grow a garden  Read more

147 Use an electric lawn mower

148 Remove your weeds by hand

149 Use natural fertilizers  Read more

150 Use natural weed killers  Read more

151 Use metal watering cans

153 Use real stone or metal decorations in garden not plastic

162 Grow your own herbs  Read more

337 Use wooden bird houses instead of plastic

366 Put up composting garden beds  Read more  And More

367 Build a greenhouse for year round growing

449 Use compost fertilizers in garden  Read more  And More

452 Plant native grasses and shrubs that do not require a lot of extra water   Read more

454 Plant wildflowers in public areas to reduce mowing

465 Use electric garden equipment rather than gas powered

466 Buy a push mower for your lawn and you won't have to drive to the gym anymore

467 Use "hand" pruners and yard tools rather than gasoline or electric-powered ones.

468 Keep yard equipment sharp and use less fuel

469 Dull cutting edges fray grass blades increasing evaporation from the grass plants.

470 If you reduce fertilizing the lawn, you'll have to water less and cut the it less frequently  Read more  And More

471 Raise the lawn mower blade to at least three inches  Read more

472 Leave lawn clippings after mowing to fertilize, use clippings for mulch  Read more

473 Use a mulching lawn mower instead of bagging and carting off grass clippings.

474 Mulch planting beds to retain moisture and control weeds that compete for water.

476 Sweep the sidewalks and driveway instead of using a noisy, polluting, blower 

478 Plant native plants that are adapted to your area. 

480 Choose the small solar powered lights for your landscape lighting.  

576 Choose a locally adaptable grass to grow

577 Replace grass with pathways in high traffic areas

578 Allow your grass to go dormant if necessary  Read more

586 Create garden mini insectary  Read more

649 Use recycled wood chips as mulch in the yard  Read more

652 Create wildlife habitat in your yard  Read more

653 Plant marigolds as a natural pesticide  Read more

664 Never dump anything down a storm drain.

665 Have your septic tank pumped and system inspected regularly

673 Soil test before you fertilize  Read more  And More

685 Start an urban garden  Read more

691 Buy metal and bamboo patio furniture

692 Use deck materials made from recycled plastics  Read more

695 Buy your own hive: without bees the planet would last for only 60 years 

943 Consider using elements of "foodscaping" instead of landscaping  Read more

973 Raise chickens for their eggs  Read more

983 Can your garden foods

1093 Get to know your property and the creatures that live there

1170 Use vinegar, salt and dish washing liquid to kill those weeds Read More

1231 DIY Use Neem or garlic spray as natural insecticide

1232 Use companion planting for pest control

1244 Use pvc towers in small garden spaces Read More

Trees and Shrubbery

54 Plant a tree or two   Read more

450 Plant evergreen trees to protect your home from the chilling winter winds.

451 Plant deciduous shade trees to shade house in summer and heat in the winter 

1135 Build downspout planter box 

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