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Ways an Individual Can Fight Climate Change

For some doing the hundreds of things at home isn't enough.  They need to act!  Well, I'm with you.  In this section you will find dozens of organizations and hundreds of ideas about how you can change the course of minds and policy.  There is power in numbers and we certainly need all the power we can muster.  Go get 'em!

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

71 Join environmental action groups (see "Links" page on this website)

138 Donate to environmental cause Read More

158 Let your friends know about this web site

159 Make an environmental plan and write it down  Read More

335 Invest in renewable energy stocks  Read More

375  Devote 1 hour a week to environment efforts  Read More

403 Use a credit union instead of a bank  Read More

405  Attend webinars on the environment (just search webinars on the environment)

408  Start your own blog on the environment  Read More

742 Find free local energy saving products programs  

958 Read books on sustainable living  Read More

966 Create videos and slideshows of your sustainable actions and publish them

967 Create a better web site than this one and publish it

979 Offset your annual carbon emissions by voluntary purchasing carbon credits  Read More

982 Hunt and eat wild game and line caught fish

984 Plan a green burial  Read More

1002 Take environmental classes at local school

1016 Subscribe to on line environmental newsletters Read More

1021 Read some climate fiction Read More

1022 Never miss a vote

1072 Learn how to compute your plastic footprint

1096 Author an environmental novel or short story

1116  Endorse and promote the Paris agreement

1118 Back a scientist running for office

1120 Map local air pollution

1121 Support publications reporting on climate change Read More

1122 Listen to climate podcasts like Warm Regards Read More

1179 Sign up for course in citizen action Read More

1127 Attend a city government meeting on the environment

1224 Know specifically what consensus means on climate changes Read More

1229 Join fight to pass Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 Read More

1230  If you are super anxious about the future get some help Read More

1258 Know your "Foodprint"  Read More

Essentially this is a calculator that allows you to discover how eco-friendly you eating habits are. There are all kinds of calculators out there and they are useful when determining how well we are doing. It’s the old “if we can measure it we can manage it” thing. Use these calculators. They’re fun!

1261 Record your acts of green

Sometimes we think we are doing quite well in our efforts to live sustainably. Other times we think we are dismal failures. One way to figure that out is to keep a simple list that reminds us of how we are doing. It also is a motivator for us to do more. Post it on the fridge!

1322 Wear clothes with environmental slogans

My wife recently purchased two sweatshirts with “The is No Planet B” and a cute logo across the front. Anyone who sees it will think about the environment. It’s that simple. To wear clothing embossed with environmental slogans may remind dozens of people to think about the future and their role in it. There is some nice stuff to wear - check it out.

1401 Listen to The Green Divas podcasts  Read More

If you haven’t joined the podcast crowd, you should give it a try. There are scads of green podcasts out there. Some are a little frightening, others enlightening and still others have a great sense of humor. The Green Divas aren’t a bad place to start.


1427 If you are depressed about the future get counseling Read More

There are a great many people who are distressed about the future of our world and the effect it could have on their children and grandchildren. In addition, thousands of scientists and their families are struggling with what they know about the degradation of the environment. It’s ok to read about climate change and mental health. The important thing is to talk to someone about it. Get a little help.


1431 Find an Eco-Buddy to plan and act with

I’m not sure I would call the fight against climate change fun. However, I will say that it is a lot more interesting and envigorating when you have someone to share thoughts and ideas with. So, develop an eco-buddy relationship. Swap articles, participate in social action events and even start an EcoClub in your neighborhood.


1432 Support UN sustainable goals by telling people about them  Read More

There are so many things going on all over the world concerning climate change and climate justice. Does anybody have a plan for the future? Well, yes, the United Nations has come up with one. In 2015 the nations of the earth established 17 sustainable goals to achieve. All the elements necessary to create a sustainable environment and social framework are there. Become familiar with them and make the basis of your plan as well.


1434 Take a civics class - know your stuff Read More

Do you remember your civics class? Well, if you are a bit younger you probably don't know what that is. Today it is usually referred to as 'social studies' or something similar. Regardless, it is more important than ever that we understand how government works. Our very freedom depends on it. So try out an online class on civics or social studies and brush up!


1435 Be familiar with local, state and federal budgets - put on your phone  Read More

When we hear people talk about “the problem with government”, it is pretty clear they have no idea how government spends our money. The amount of emotional energy (or lack thereof) we spend on a given issue is often grossly disproportionate to the amount of tax money spent on it. Do a better job of making an impact by understanding the scope of the issues.


1440 Invest in companies that bring water to waterless areas of the globe Read More

Fresh water is taken for granted by many of us in the United States. Although we have issues in many areas, none of these problems are like the ones millions face in other parts of the globe. If you really are looking for a cause to get involved with, help bring water to those who have none.


1503 Educate yourself about energy usage by sector and by state Read More

As long as you are out there looking at governmental budgets you might as well check out how much and what kind of energy is being used in various economic sectors and states. Having facts can help move people and governments to act responsibly on behalf of the environment.


1505 Don't buy products tested on animals Read More

We consider ourselves to be the top of nature’s pyramid of creatures. Everything is about us. Animals are to be used for our well being. Hogwash! We are as dependent on the biosphere as living thing on earth. We have no more right to natures plenty as the dung beetle does. Be aware of the harm we inflict on for the most inconsequential reasons.

1550 Participate in Buy Nothing Day

There are probably days that you don’t buy anything but here is a day set aside to remember that you aren’t buying anything. The economy is based on a growing population of consumers. It’s killing the environment. So, let’s begin to scale back a bit and ask “do I really need that?” The date is easy to remember. It is the day after Thanksgiving. That’s right - Black Friday! Buy nothing that day. Put it on your calendar.


1622 Report public water leaks to the city Read More

Don't assume your town knows something is broken. After all, someone is always the first to call it in. The amount of water discharged from a break in the city's main is truly incredible.


1663 Put environmental stickers on your car

When marketing an idea don’t forget to pick the low hanging fruit. A “save the environment” bumper sticker is wonderfully cheap and easy to do. Keep the concept in front of people. Awareness is the beginning of transformation. There are hundreds of great “save the environment” stickers for your car. Shop around and give one to a friend.


1425 Put Earth Day On Your Calendar and Begin Planning Read More

We should all have our favorite environment day. Make it something the whole family gets involved in and learns about. Mine is Earth Day but there are lots of others. Check these out.

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