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 Bathroom Ideas to fight climate change & save the environment


(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

1 Use bar soap instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles  Read More And more

This is the very first idea put on this website and its a good one.  It is also the first idea Judy and I put into practice in our renewed efforts to save the environment.  We had dozens of liquid soap bottles around the house.  As the links above describe, not only is the plastic a problem but the liquid is a problem.  On top of it all, bar soap is fun.  Soaps come in all colors, sizes, shapes and smells.  If you look around you'll also find good soaps for your hair.  Remember to use a slatted wood holder so soap doesn't get yucky sitting in the water.  If you want to use fancy soap dishes instead place a non-plastic soap sponge in the tray.  Enjoy!

5 Take fewer showers  Read More

15 Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth

16 When you wash use bowl to capture waste water for plants

17 Use bamboo toothbrushes not plastic  Read More

74 Buy skin lotion in glass jars with metal lids not plastic bottles

75 Collect cold water from shower or bath before you bathe 

76 Take shorter showers  Read More

77 Use low flow shower heads  Read More

78 Take showers instead of baths  Read More

80 Flush less

81 Buy or install ceramic tile showers instead of plastic shower stalls

82 Install low-flush toilets to save water  

83 Turn off the water when brushing teeth or shaving.

84 Don't use toilet as a wastebasket or ashtray - it wastes water every time you flush it

85 Put a brick in the toilet tank  Read More

388  Consider bamboo toilet paper  Read More

773 Turn off water while you shampoo and condition at sink

957 Buy hand soap and shampoo in bulk and refill dispensers

960 Put a timer in your shower to remind you how long you are taking

987 Use a composting toilet  Read More

1006  Don't let exhaust fan in bathroom run when finished 

1046 Use natural lufa for washing instead of plastic lufas

1062 Use Japanese sink-toilet Read More

1080 Buy bulk shampoo and conditioner and put in mason pump jars Read More

1113 Shower together - big debate about this one - do your own research

1151 use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper Read More

1166 Use coconut milk shampoo sticks Read Mor

1203 Buy plastic free shower gels plastic free bottles  Read More

1233 Use timber or ceramic soap racks

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