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At Home:  House Ideas to save energy 

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

House in General

263 Have an energy audit of your home  Read More

708 Paint with lighter colors so you don’t need as much artificial light

765 Use porch overhangs and awnings

1195 Asphalt shingles are recyclable Read More


Saving Water

61 Never flush pills take them to a center  Read more

87 Use water usage meter  Read more 

106 Fix all leaks in faucets  Read more

118 Use low flow faucets  Read more

119 Use flow aerators on faucets  Read more  And More

120 Use low flow toilets save  

760 Consider installing a residential circulation pump to save water  Read more

793 When it rains set out a bucket or bowl for plant and pet water

795 Move faucet lever to cold for small amounts of water

941 Consider installing a grey-water recycling system  Read more

1137 Save condensate of air conditioners and condensing furnaces Read More



56 Use non-toxic cleaning solutions  Read more

59  Never mix chemical products  Read more

135 Dispose of hazardous chemicals properly  Read more

262 Don't put hazardous waste in the trash  Read more

369 Find Eco friendly carpet cleaning contractor

514 Household batteries contain hazardous materials dispose of Properly 

518 Eliminate mercury from your house  Read more

539 Review all labels in house hold for unwanted chemicals  Read more  And More

540 Have your home tested for radon  Read more

650 Use traps instead of poisons

651 Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs  Read more

659  Choose products with child resistant packaging

661 Paint with brushes/rollers instead of using spray paints to minimize emissions  

676 Minimize air freshener use  Read more

679 Declog your drains naturally  Read more

688 Use a natural chemical free rug cleaner  Read more

749 Use multi purpose products to save on plastic bottles

774 Never eat drink or smoke when using chemical products

1030 Use water from beverage coolers for plants and household

1042 Use natural ingredients  for dusting and polishing Read More

1143 Use natural pest management Read More

1238 Definitely download the EWG app and website icon Read More


28 Turn off lights when leaving any room

29 Use light sensors to turn off lights  Read more  And More

68 Use high efficiency lights  Read more

129 Buy rechargeable batteries  Read more

223 Use light sensors around the house

265 Use dimmer switches for lighting

281 Use power strips to plug things in so you have only one off switch to tend to

424 Select proper sized light for fixture  Read more 

582 Remove one light bulb from garage door opener

583 Replace lights from garage door opener with garage light switch with motion sensor

581 Install dimmer switches to save energy and extend the life of light bulbs  Read more

584 Install low-voltage lighting for outside illumination  Read more

585 Use motion detectors for outdoor security lights 

807 Buy LEDs that are dimmable

808 Use warmer light LEDs instead of white light when you can  Read more

810 Use small, energy efficient task lights for computer work reading etc

600 Connect outdoor lighting to timer to shut off 

950 Install a residential wind turbine  Read more

1007 Make sure there is open space beneath the electric baseboards 

1008 Use light colored lamp shades for better illumination

1069 Reduce the number of free standing redundant lights in your house


107 Insulate water pipes

108 Insulate water heater  Read more

110 Insulate walls

111 Increase ceiling  insulation  Read more

112 Weather strip Doors

113 Replace your old windows  Read more

114 Put on storm doors  Read more

222 Put up storm windows

292 When floors are leaky use rugs to help insulate

304 Put door sweeps under drafty doors

306 Use bubble wrap to insulate your windows  Read more

542 Caulk and weather strip your doors and windows  Read more

543 Seal air leaks where plumbing, ducts or electrical wires penetrate walls, floors, ceilings

544 Install foam insulating pads inside your receptacle and switch plate covers  Read more

545 Seal cracks in your basement walls and floor to keep heat in and cold air out.

152 Use wood plant holders

515 Insulate whole house fan opening in off season 

755 Paint exterior walls a light color  Read more

744 Add solar shade screens to your house  Read more

761 Use low-e film on the inside of your windows to keep heat in

778 Seal all sill plates with caulk or stripping

779 Seal recessed light canisters  Read more

780 Insulate attic access

781 Insulate drop ceilings exposed to outside walls and ceilings

783 Insulate ducts in unheated areas like crawl spaces

782 If building consider heat absorbing wall to help heat  Read more


Building and Remodeling

264 Hardwood floors require less vacuuming

602 Select gas filled windows with low-emissivity coatings to reduce heat loss  Read more

604 Installing storm windows can reduce heat loss through windows by 25 to 50 percent

606 Passive solar design is very effective for reducing heating and cooling costs  Read more

607 Buy or build houses with "salt box type design  Read more

608 Design homes with south facing insulated windows

610 Design protective overhangs on west walls to reduce cooling costs in the summer

675 Avoid Vinyl flooring  Read more

732 Buy eco-friendly paints for your house  Read more

762 Consider a  roof of highly reflective  shingles when building or replacing  Read more

763 Replace old roof with cool roof  Read more

799 Find a list of sustainable building materials  Read more

949 During construction recycle waste as much as possible  Read more

954 Install skylights to reduce need for indoor lighting  Read more

971 Buy a house with low ceilings  Read more

972 Inspect insulation when buying a house

1011 Look for National Fenestration Rating on windows you buy

1073 Buy curtains instead of blinds to save energy

1134 Instead of building, renovate an old home

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