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Ways to Protect the Beach Environment

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

409 At the beach take everything you brought with you back again

410 Help police the beach by picking up the trash  Read More

411  Avoid burning debris in that bonfire on the beach.  It goes right into the sand  Read More

412  No cigarettes on the beach please. Butts go into the water or gets eaten  Read More

413  On the beach bring biodegradable packaging

414  Don't feed the animals on the beach  Read More

415  If you live near a beach join a clean up crew

416  Have your organization adopt a beach and keep it pristine

417 Your sunscreen finds its way into the ocean.  Make it a non toxic sunscreen  Read More

418  Pets on the beach need to be cleaned up after

419 Don't throw anything overboard if you are on a boat or in a kayak

420  Educate others about proper eco-protocal on the beach  Read More

422  Don't purchase items that exploit marine life  Read More

1190 Don't empty boat holding tank into a major body of water

1191 Use biodegradable anti freeze in your boat's cooling system

1192 Ask your marina to properly recycle scrap leftover from covering boats

1193 Wash your boat with 'real' non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning products Read More

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