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How Management Can Protect Your Environment at Work

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

357 Give eco friendly gift cards to employees and customers  Read More

373 Start a recycling business  Read More

614 Have an energy meeting with your employees to discuss ways to save energy.  

615 Create an energy committee to create up with energy saving tips.  

616 Pay a small reward to employees who suggest new ways to save energy.  

617 Perform a professional energy audit of your business Read More

618 Create incentives that will encourage employees to live close to work.  

619 Come up with a plan to encourage employees to carpool to work.  

620 Reward those employees who take public transportation to work.  

621 Move your business to area where most of your employees live  

856 Use environmentally friendly office supplies   Read More

859 When ordering business lunches in use low package low plastic food source  

860 Use recycled paper when possible  

863 Have a mission statement that includes environmental stewardship clause  Read More

864 Provide training for employees on sustainability  

865 Allow employees to attain off site training on company sustainability  

866 Include sustainability value statement in all job descriptions  Read More

872 Replace disposable products, including plates, cups, utensils with reusable 

875 Calculate the carbon footprint of your business  Read More

876 Set up secure area for bikes for employees  

877 Have a community service program for your employees  Read More

878 Set a baseline for your water, energy, and waste usage  

879 Set specific goals for your sustainability initiatives  

880 Get certified as a Green Business  Read More

881 Get certified as a B Corporation  Read More

882 Provide filtered water instead of having a bottle on every desk  

884 Reduce travel, especially air travel whenever possible  

891 Use computers that take less energy like laptops  

895 Use multifunctional devices: printer/scanner/fax  Read More

896 Reduce catalogs and magazines coming to office by passing a copy around  

908 Use air purifiers in work areas  

912 Provide an area with sink and soap for employees to clean their dishes  

913 Purchase carbon credits  Read More

914 Take advantage of utility solar programs  Read More

919 Donate old printers and other equipment to non-profits who need them  

920 Don't buy styrofoam to ship with - use other materials  Read More

924 Send e-cards for the holidays to customers etc  

925 Use right turn and package flow delivery  Read More

926 Use green desks and furniture  Read More

927 Consider stocking office with reusable pens that can be refilled instead of plastic  

928 Use GreenPrint or other software programs designed to save ink  Read More

929 If you mail to lists of businesses be sure to keep them updated  Read More

930 Allow casual dress at office that requires less dry cleaning  

932 Join local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for employees  Read More

933 If you can, grow a community garden on site for employees  

934 Select a green web host for your business site  Read More

935 Put your printers and plotters on a timer to ensure shutoff  

937 Quantify results of sustainable efforts to give sense of accomplishment  Read More 

1091 For business event encourage attendees to donate off-set to carbon emission

1107 Set up bulletin board for memos instead of sending copies to everyone

1108 Use mailer sheets instead of envelopes

1159 Don't put address on business card - let people communicate with you electronically

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