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Meal Ideas to fight climate change & save the environment

1 Eat less dairy  Read more

2 Eat more slowly  Read more

3 Use smaller plates  Read more   And More

4 Use reusable cups for Krueig coffee machines  Read more

5 Stop eating meat (or at least reduce it)  Read more

6 Stop using plastic plates and cups and utensils   Read more

7 Learn to love leftovers  Read more

8 Have a vegetarian day once a week

9  Buy carbonation unit instead of buying carbonated beverages  Read more

10 Make your own snack and energy bars  Read more

11 Make your own condiments  Read more

12 Use reusable napkins  Read more

13 Cut out sodas and other drinks that come in plastic containers  Read more

14 Stop using frozen convenience foods that come in plastic

15 Upcycle and regrow your food scraps  Read more

16 Don’t buy pre made salads - Make your own from local fresh vegetables and fruits

17 Drink organic beer; conventional hops are sprayed up to a dozen times a year  Read more

18 Make your own pizza  

19 purchase and cook appropriate portions to reduce food waste

20 Use reusable sandwich bags  

21 Make your own almond milk Read More

22 use silicone baking sheet instead of parchment paper

23 Spin salad without plastic

24 Use stainless steel popsicle molds  read more

25 Buy a vegan cookbook just for the hell of it

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