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Ways to Curtail Climate Change When Away From Home

When we travel it becomes more difficult to make a positive impact on the environment.  But we are not helpless.  As consumers we have great power to effect change.  We can still make choices and influence businesses to move in the right direction.  Perhaps some of the following ideas will help.

(Numbers indicate order in which each idea was added to website.)

6 Walk more places 

34 Take the bike whenever and wherever possible

35When Traveling by air take less baggage

36 Combine trips 

95 Use public scooters and bikes when you can

271 Don't use guidebooks and brochures when traveling, use internet instead

275 Shop from local artisans when traveling  Read More

276 Travel with a tote to avoid plastic bags

277 Buy carbon offsets on flights  Read More

278 Use public transportation when traveling   More

279 Choose to use companies with eco-friendly policies  

348 Opt for better milk options for coffee like nut or wheat milks  

349 Don' t use the plastic stir sticks for your coffee  Read More

350 Try not to fly at night  Read More

351 Try not to fly as much in winter

352 Stop flying altogether  Read More

353 Bring your own snacks on the plane to avoid those small packages

354 Don't forget your headphones on the plane so you have to buy theirs

355 Don't use mini bottles when traveling, in motels, on plane  Read More

358 Try not to cover huge areas on your trip

359 Keep to the trails and don’t damage nature

360 Skip the post cards - that's what emails and texts are for

479 Take your coffee without a lid when you can  Read More

498 Use luggage made of fabric  Read More

511 Avoid double-cupping when getting your favorite coffee drink  

512 Bring your own cup to your favorite coffee shop  

517  When attending events go paperless  Read More

689 Get and use reusable coffee cups from Starbucks  Read More

704 Vacation closer to home

716 Close shades on airplane window when sun comes in to keep cabin cooler  Read More

717 Take the bus from bars and restaurants to the ballgame

736 Buy reusable toiletry containers when you travel

737 Take direct flights

738 Don’t travel in peak season it puts strain on the environment  Read More

739 Use reef safe sunscreen  Read More

915 Take the stairs instead of an elevator

916 Put storage room lights on a sensor

917 Instead of paper towels use hand dryers  Read More    And More

974 When flying by plane offset your carbon emissions. Most airlines provide this option.

990 Don't fly on private planes  Read More

993 Buy Eco SOUVENIRS  Read More     And More

994 Take your own toiletries on a trip

996 Pack light when traveling - weight means more fuel

998 do not print travel tickets use electronic tickets instead

1000 Traveling coach is greener than first class

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