Come Clean with Laundry Detergent Sheets

Woman doing laundry
Library of Congress

They That Wash on Monday

by Mother Goose

They that wash on Monday

Have all week to dry;

They that wash on Tuesday

Are not so much awry;

They that wash on Wednesday

Are not so much to blame;

They that wash on Thursday

Wash for shame;

They that wash on Friday

Wash for need;

And they that wash on Saturday

Oh, slovens are indeed!

Monday is laundry day for me. I may be continuing a tradition as it was also laundry day for my mom when we were growing up. She washed clothes on Mondays, rolled up the damp clothes and ironed them on Tuesdays.

There was a washing machine with a wringer in the basement of our house. I watched a video on YouTube, “Using 60 year old washing machine in 2017 - maytag wringer” It brought back memories, especially the “wringing” part. It seems to me that the guy in the video was very brave plugging in that old machine and stuffing the clothes through the wringer. I also noticed how much laundry detergent he poured into the machine!