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Did You Know? - 2/22/23

Talking Points about Energy, Environment and Climate Change

Curated by Bob Kihslinger

Electric Cars

"Ambitious policies investing in mass transit, walkable towns and cities, and robust battery recycling in the US would slash the amount of extra lithium required in 2050 by more than 90%."

The Guardian

"Natural Resources Defense Council estimated that if California exploited all of the 14 million EVs it’ll have by 2035, they could power every home in the state for three days."

Mother Jones

"Largely because of their batteries, electric vehicles are typically around 30 percent heavier than equivalent gas-powered models." Slate


Renewable Energy

"There are more than 52,000 acres of empty roadside land in the continental United States that could be generating solar power"


"Renewable energy is poised to reach a milestone as a new government report projects that wind, solar and other renewable sources will exceed one-fourth of the country’s electricity generation for the first time, in 2024."

Inside Climate News

Developers plan to add 54.5 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale electric-generating capacity to the U.S. power grid in 2023. More than half of this capacity will be solar power (54%), followed by battery storage (17%). EIA


People of Climate Change

"Some 3.3 million adults living in the U.S. were displaced by natural disasters this past year, per a new U.S. Census Bureau survey."


"More than four in ten registered voters who voted in the 2022 election (45%) say global warming was either “the single most important issue” (2%) or “one of several important issues” (43%) to them when they decided how they would vote."

Yale Climate Change Communication

"Seventy-four percent of people of color live in what’s called “nature-deprived areas,” versus 23% of whites."

Yale Climate Connections

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