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Did You Know?

March 3-2023

Talking Points about Energy, Environment and Climate Change

Curator: Bob Kihslinger

Health and Climate Change

Doctor with stethoscope
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"Most of America’s waterways are likely contaminated by toxic PFAS “forever chemicals”, a new study conducted by US water keepers finds".

The Guardian

"Brady Seals, manager of the carbon free buildings program at RMI and a co-author of the study, told The Guardian that the prevalence of asthma due to gas stoves is similar to the amount of asthma caused by secondhand smoke."

"A study done last summer by Public Citizen, a research and advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader, estimated that extreme heat contributes to between 600 and 2,000 worker fatalities each year in the United States." Portside

"Maricopa County recorded 339 heat-related deaths in 2021, continuing an upward trend that started in 2014, when 61 people died, and has climbed 70 percent since 2019."


Weather and Climate

drought with dead tree
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"An analysis by the group Climate Central shows that since 1970:

"The average temperature of the contiguous U.S. in January 2023 was 35.2°F, which is 5.1°F above average, ranking as the sixth warmest January on record." NOAA

"The world has already warmed an average of 1.2 degrees C (2.2 degrees F) since the Industrial Revolution ushered in the widespread use of fossil fuels. Most estimates said 1.5 degrees of warming wouldn’t arrive until at least the early 2030s." Grist

Cars, Boats and Planes

jet plane on runway
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"Aviation releases only one-sixth the amount of carbon dioxide produced by cars and trucks, according to World Resources Institute, a nonprofit research group based in Washington. But airplanes are used by far fewer people per day meaning that aviation is a higher per-capita source of greenhouse-gas emissions."

"CLIA reports that more than 15% of cruise ships debuting in the next five years will be equipped to incorporate hydrogen fuel cells or electric batteries." Erie News Now

"Under expanded agreement, EVgo and GM will deploy 3,250 charging stalls across the country to the nation’s largest public fast charging network through 2025." EVGO

"USPS says it has awarded contracts to Ford to purchase 9,250 left-hand-drive regular production E-Transit electric vans as well as 14,000 EV charging stations to support their use." CleanTechnica

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