Celebrating Earth Day at Home in the Age of a Global Pandemic

Guest Blogger: Katie Repsis. Fort Collins, CO

Photo: Harry Strharsky

Looking outside these past few weeks the sky has been so much clearer.  Have you seen the pictures of the canals in Venice with clear water and a recent video of a jellyfish gliding through the water?  India’s air quality has improved so much during the lock-down that the Himalayas have been visible for the first time in 30 years. It makes me smile knowing the national parks have been closed for a month, thinking about the animals roaming freely and letting trails grow again where they were trampled down by people.

I hope more of us see this pandemic as a wake-up call to the importance of protecting and preserving this fragile planet we all call home.  There are things we all can do to be better advocates for this Earth. 

I wanted to highlight a few environmental changes anyone can make while at home.

Reduce Meat & Dairy: Try reducing your meat and dairy consumption, even if you just start with one or two days.  Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and is also a complete plant protein.  It contains all 9 essential amino acids.  It’s an easy ingredient to mix in with any meal and provides vitamins, mineral, protein, fiber and happens to be gluten-free.

Compost:  Composting your food and organic material greatly reduces waste, creates healthy living soil, provides added nutrients to your garden/plants and reduces greenhouse gases.

Plant a Garden:  Planting food even if it’s just a few pots is empowering and reminds us to eat healthier, it’s money saving, time saving, and teaches us the value of food.