A Teen’s View of Climate Change

Krishna Elwell is a sophomore at Monona Grove High School and the Website Editor for The Connection

boy sitting on ledge looking at sunset

Within living memory, the world has vastly changed. Across the globe, humanity faces illustrious challenges, and within the past few years, the issue of climate change has stirred the generations. To me, a 15-year-old Sophomore, the debate surrounding climate change throws my future into question as the facts become even more direr.

Should we stand aside, stronger storms shall only strengthen. NOAA, the National Oceanic and Weather Administration has found that Type 4 and 5 hurricanes are becoming increasingly likely, devastating millions across the world. Additionally, NASA has stated that sea levels are rising, due to the melting of ice caps. Seas will rise by 10-12 feet within the century, with cities such as Miami, New Orleans, or New York drowning or flooding in our children’s world. Furthermore, the story of the world’s poor and needy will only grow more desperate. According to the World Bank, 32-132 million people will be pushed into poverty directly due to climate change. As climate change wreaks havoc on agriculture in the form of floods and droughts, the effects of climate will continue to joust at the bellies of the poor and middle class alike. Finally, the CDC states that climate change affects human health and disease in numerous ways. The health effects include increased respiratory and cardiovascular disease, as well as severe injuries and deaths due to extreme weather events. Their data screams the fact that my future is at risk. It is a ceaseless caterwauling, from the media, politicians, and among the nations, all screeching that my time is ticking away; that I am powerless to save my future. Every day I ask myself if I am making a difference, every day I wonder if there is hope. I’m not a rich figurine, nor a waffling politician, but I still have my voice. In my opinion, our voices are all that we need.