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I started off my adult life at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. What I went there to study was not the degree I left with. After four years, I received my BA in Spanish and went on to law school. I practiced law, helping low income clients receive legal aid, for 5 years before leaving the profession to stay home with my two young boys. Soon after my daugher was born and after dedicating 6 years to my kids, I decided to head back into the workforce. I began working at Huntington Learning Center in 2009. During the ten years I've been with Huntington, I've served as Director of Supplemental Educational Services, Director of Exam Prep Services, and Center Director. Now that my kids are nearly all grown up, I find myself with a bit more time to focus on some other things besides homework, ball games and dance rehearsals. My family has had countless conversations about the concerning changes to our environment so we decided to try to do something about it by creating this website. We hope it can be a catalyst for change!

Kim Velazquez

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