What is Education's Role in Saving the Environment?

Updated: May 3, 2020

Pixabay Classroom

I had a little talk about climate change with two college students going into their third semester at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM).

I know that people my age (73) talk about global warming from time to time. Do people your age talk about this? I mean you are both in college, is this issue ever brought up in a class?

Brieann: No, not really.

Andy: Unless it is the class focus.

Brianne: The only place is in the dorms where they want you to recycle but they are not real big on it. They have the bins and the trash shoots. So, they tell you what can be recycled and what can’t be but other then that there’s not much. When you go outside the buildings they only have trash receptacles. They don’t have recycling bins. It’s just all garbage cans.

So, isn’t there some environmental presence on campus? Isn’t there a sense on campus that something is going on with the environment?

Andy: In the cafeteria they do promote composting. It’s compost, trash and recycle stuff. Sometimes they have people standing there to help you get it right.

If people your age aren’t talking about it, that worries me.

Brieann: There are a few things on social media. Twitter is about the only place I ever see anyone talking about the environment. The big one is that ocean clean up group. I thinks it’s the one with the boom clean up equipment.

This group has a presence on campus?