10001ways: 7 critical ways to fight climate change & save environment & they're not what you think

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There are clearly 10,001 ways to fight climate change and save the environment. The argument about which way is best, is ludicrous. It isn’t that some actions are more important than others, they are. It isn’t that every action is important, it is. However, understanding that there are levels of engagement in this battle is critical and we must act on all levels simultaneously.

When you are just beginning the process, it is a start and stop, try this and that. There is a point, however, when awareness kicks in and there is no going back. You understand what needs to be done and how you fit in. Then the real work begins. You are either an environmentalist or you aren’t.

Here are the seven ways that we must act if we are to successfully save our environment.

As an Individual – Be concerned with: Proper environmental diet, personal care, chemicals, water usage, your environmental education, what do you watch and read, etc.

As a Family – Be concerned with: The efficiency of your home, do you teach sustainable practices, eating practices, energy use, pets, the chemicals you use in your yard and your laundry, the efficiency of the products you buy, the gas mileage of the car you own, the plastics you use, proper recycling, composting, cooking, investment portfolio, etc.

As a Neighborhood – Be concerned with: Where do you shop, what do you shop, chemicals in your yard, promoting the planting of trees and grassless landscapes, community gardens, etc.

As a Town or City – Be concerned with: Knowing your local governmental representatives, local governmental meetings, sustainability goals, parks and recreation areas, trash and recycling practices, legislation related to environment, etc.

As a State – Be concerned with: Electing climate dedicated representatives, taking time to understand the issues in your state, writing letters, holding State politicians accountable, voting records, etc.

As a Nation – Be concerned with: Electing environmentally dedicated politicians, holding them accountable, reviewing proposed legislation, writing letters, reviewing voting records, etc.

As a Global Community – Be concerned with: What’s happening around the world, supporting global environmental organizations, finding discussion groups to share awareness of international issues, climate justice issues, etc.

Be active on all levels at all times. It is not as hard as it may seem. It can become quite natural.