Ships that eat plastic. Electric planes are ready. Are gas stations killing us?

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Stories from a Blue Planet: Bob Kihslinger

photo of the manta ship that harvests sea plastics
Manta at sea

Ships that eat plastic

I have a couple of videos for you that you will enjoy. I did. The first shows an ocean-going vessel that creates its own fuel from ocean waste it picks up and recycles the rest. It’s called the Manta and is a truly an example of recycling innovation and ingenuity.

It roams they ocean sucking up trash on a conveyor belt separating the metal and plastics. It immediately converts the plastics to fuel that powers the ship and stores the metals for recycling when it gets back to shore. You must see it to appreciate the whole concept.

Then, there is the river version of plastic eating ships. It’s called an “interceptor” and cruises the river autonomously sucking up river trash and depositing into six large bins that are removed each night. The idea is to capture all the waste before it hits the ocean. If you are looking to invest some money, they are looking for partners.

electric air plane in flight
Electric Airplane

When will you fly in your first electric plane?

Nova produced a marvelous segment on the future of airplanes in the age of climate change. I think you would find it fascinating. Let me give you the short, down and dirty version of the conclusions they reached.