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Save the Environment: Two ideas at a time – Hangers and Footprint Calculator


There are approximately 8 billion plastic hangers thrown into landfills every year. The fact is that while many are recyclable only about 15% are actually do get recycled. Some of these hangers in the landfill will eventually leech benzine into the soil and possibly the ground water. In addition, the plastic hanger is difficult to repurpose. There are tons of reasons why we shouldn’t use them. Metal and wood hangers are available and just as durable and easy to use. Next time you buy clothes or need more hangers you know what to do.

Figure out your global footprint

There are all kinds of environmental calculators designed to show you how well you are doing in your quest to save the environment and its creatures. I just finished an analysis of my global footprint. This calculator shows you how many earths we would need if everyone lived like you. I was mortified to find out that it would take 5 ½ earths if everyone lived like me. I guess this is to be expected in a country where its citizens have and do a great deal more than most of the residents of the planet. None the less, it was a sobering exercise. Give it a try. If we can measure it, we can manage it.


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