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Sad Summer Days

Photo - Loretta Strharsky

Loretta Strharsky

These summer days evaporate

With minimal moisture in the air

Tomatoes blister in the exhaustive heat

Hoping for a reprieve for a least a day or two

Lettuce and spinach have taken their leave already

Who knows how those pole beans will survive

The red-headed finches stay in the cottonwoods

Theirs is a muffled song caught in the clustered leaves

It is, otherwise, so very still

The ponds that daily offer a calming walk

Are not welcoming

The stagnant waters do not ripple

With the occasional pelican

Or grey heron looking for a meal

Not even the local osprey sweeps overhead

The resident waterfowl must be taking refuge

In drying brush circling the waters

These dry sad summer days…



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