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Making a Start

Guest Blogger, Kevin Kihslinger - Millennial - Milwaukee, WI

Tuesday, my off day. I call it my put-my-life-back-together day. My wonderful wife is at work, my kiddos are at school, so it’s just me and the dog. I run through the usual gauntlet; work emails, bills, finances, laundry, chores…. I cross off that to do list and I get myself prepped for the week. If I work fast enough, I even get a little time to myself; piano, play golf, dog park and maybe even a little of my guilty pleasure - playing Fortnite (yeah, it’s not just for kids). I’ve lied long enough that I play for a bonding experience with my son, but truth be told, I think I like the game more than he does.

Today however is a little different, well not really that different, but I thought I’d try some new things. Today I used a wash cloth to wipe all the counter tops with. Today I stuffed all the clothes into one load of laundry, I’ll regret it when it takes me 30 minutes to fold, but I got it all in there. Today I double checked that all the lights were off, and I worked in the office with just the light coming through the window. Today I bought bulk refills of soap instead of the single bottles and I combined all the trash in the house into one bag leaving the other bags still in the bins.

So this Tuesday, unlike some others, I was a little more conscious of my actions. Today I think I was a little less selfish and a little more honest. Today I thought a little bit more about my dad and a little bit more about my kids. Today I thought about my actions, about what examples I can set, and what habits can I create. Today leaves me thinking about what I just might be able to accomplish tomorrow.

My favorite part of Tuesdays is coming up, that 3:30 bell when I get to pick my kids up from school. I can’t wait to hear about their day and I look forward to telling them about my day.


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