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Mabel Talks about Rachel

Guest Blogger: Mabel Aff - 8 years old - Second Grade at Melrose Leadership Academy in Oakland, CA - It was part of an assignment on 'People Who Changed the World'. She is bilingual and originally wrote this article in Spanish.

Who was Rachel Carson?

Why did Rachel Carson want to protect the animals? Would you like to know? Rachel Carson was born in Pennsylvania on May 27, 1907. Her family lived on a farm. She studied Science. When she was young, she liked to explore.

What Was her Cause?

Rachel Carson fought against the use of chemicals. After the Second World War, people began to use chemicals in the camps. She fought for the preservation of the environment. She also fought for the animals so that they wouldn’t suffer.

What Action Did She Take?

Rachel Carson was a writer who did not want the animals to suffer. She also worked so that the animals were healthier. She made people fight for the environment. She also had a radio program called “Romance Under the Water”. She wrote books called Silent Spring and The Sea Around Us. These books asked us to protect the environment.

What Changes Did She Achieve?

Rachel Carson changed people’s attitudes toward the environment. She made it so that animals suffered less. She won the Medal of Freedom. Her efforts awoke the public to the dangers of chemicals and the importance of caring for nature.

What Qualities of a Leader Did She Have?

Adventurous: When she was young she liked adventure and when she grew older she still liked adventure.

Persistent: She believed in herself and she didn’t stop believing in the environment.

Passionate: She was fascinated by the environment.

Reflection: Who Are People Who Change the World?

Rachel Carson was an important leader because she had the qualities of a leader. She fought for the environment and would not stop fighting. It was very important when she changed people’s mind about the environment. Rachel Carson sadly died on April 14, 1964. Rachel Carson made a big difference.


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