and other ways to reduce your school’s carbon footprint

After testing their school’s carbon footprint, Madison Country Day School students found that the majority of their school’s carbon footprint came from energy use and waste. They found two solutions to reduce their school’s carbon footprint in these areas.


To reduce energy use, Madison Country Day School’s administration agreed to purchase electricity monitors. Electricity monitors are placed on outlets, and report on which devices are using the most electricity, which outlets are using the most energy, and your overall energy use. This can be used to figure out if any devices are using too much energy. For example, a device may be old and can no longer charge effectively, or a device may be plugged in 24/7 when it is only used for 2 hours each day.

Knowing where electricity is being wasted means the school can change their behavior to have a more energy efficient system. Not only does this benefit the environment, by reducing the school’s carbon footprint, but it also benefits the school, by reducing their energy bills!