I'm gonna be a Fish!

Updated: May 8, 2020

I was wondering what little people are thinking about the planet. So I asked a few to sit down with me and talk about it. Here are some excerpts.

Ethan 9 - Ava 7 - Mabel 7 - Alder 3

Q. "So, what is your favorite animal?"

Ava: "Hyena!" She blurted.

Mabel: "A cat, a dog and all the animals of the sea even if they are kind of ugly."

Ethan: "What about you Ethan?" He pondered. "A dog because you can play with it."

Q. "OK, are you ready for a tougher question?" They nodded. "Close your eyes and I'm going to give a choice between two things. Are you ready?"

A. A chorus of yeses.

Q. "Its a nice winter day with beautiful, light, fluffy snow falling. You have a hot chocolate with marshmallows in your hands and you are waiting to sled down a long, sloping, snowy hill. OR You are on a sunny, beautiful sandy beach with the breeze coming off the water and the sea rushing up between your toes. Where would you rather be?"

Mabel (our California girl): "A snowy day with hot chocolate because I like the smell."

Ava: "Beach!"

Ethan pondered. "I guess.... snowy?" he asked.

Ava, Alder, Ethan, Mabel

Q. "OK, here we go. How about this question. Have any of you heard of global warming?"

A. Mabel: "Yes." Ava: "Nooo." Simultaneously.

Ethan: "A huh."

Q. "What is it?"

Mabel: "People use a lot o