I'm gonna be a Fish!

Updated: May 8, 2020

I was wondering what little people are thinking about the planet. So I asked a few to sit down with me and talk about it. Here are some excerpts.

Ethan 9 - Ava 7 - Mabel 7 - Alder 3

Q. "So, what is your favorite animal?"

Ava: "Hyena!" She blurted.

Mabel: "A cat, a dog and all the animals of the sea even if they are kind of ugly."

Ethan: "What about you Ethan?" He pondered. "A dog because you can play with it."

Q. "OK, are you ready for a tougher question?" They nodded. "Close your eyes and I'm going to give a choice between two things. Are you ready?"

A. A chorus of yeses.

Q. "Its a nice winter day with beautiful, light, fluffy snow falling. You have a hot chocolate with marshmallows in your hands and you are waiting to sled down a long, sloping, snowy hill. OR You are on a sunny, beautiful sandy beach with the breeze coming off the water and the sea rushing up between your toes. Where would you rather be?"

Mabel (our California girl): "A snowy day with hot chocolate because I like the smell."

Ava: "Beach!"

Ethan pondered. "I guess.... snowy?" he asked.

Ava, Alder, Ethan, Mabel

Q. "OK, here we go. How about this question. Have any of you heard of global warming?"

A. Mabel: "Yes." Ava: "Nooo." Simultaneously.

Ethan: "A huh."

Q. "What is it?"

Mabel: "People use a lot of... you know, gas for the car.. (Ava: "oh yeah - that.") ...and that makes it, like, warmer. Like that pollutes the air and then it gets warmer and it also pollutes the oceans and that's very bad."

Me: "Is that what your understanding is Ethan?"

Ethan: He nods, as does Ava.

Q. "So, this is not a good thing?"

Mabel and Ava together: "This is a very, very bad thing."

Mabel: "It's even bad for us cause.... we are also using a lot of plastic and if the plastic goes into the ocean or like the chemicals we use, they go into the fish and when you catch the fish and we eat the fish we can get sick."

Me: "Is that what you hear too Ethan?"

Ethan: "Yup."

Q. "OK, so it's really, really bad. Is there any way you can stop it?"</