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Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Eco-shopping we will go!

Guest Blogger: Mary Kihslinger - Silent Generation - Toledo, Ohio

It is not too late to pick up a few lovely eco-gifts for friends and family.  Here are a few suggestions from the vast array of products available. 1. Bars of soap made by local craftsmen.  Some are scented and quite beautiful with no artificial ingredients.  Look for them at craft fairs, Whole Foods and other specialty stores.  There are also nice wooden or ceramic soap dishes.  I found a cool one made of “Eco Friendly bioplastic” at Whole Foods. 2. Colorful reusable shopping bags.  I found some very attractive bags on Amazon that will      hold up to 50 lbs. (as if I could lift 50 lbs!) 3. Mesh bags in various sizes for produce shopping.  Nice sets on Amazon and in many stores. 4. Microgreen kits to grow a variety of very nutrient dense sprouts.  There are seeds available for sunflower, pea, radish, broccoli, mighty greens, etc.  I found some at my local farmers market but they are also available on the internet. 5. For the dog owner there are eco friendly poop bags.  Again, Amazon is a good source or your local pet store. 6. Metal straws.  I saw these at my local Kroger store but they are also available online. 7.  Locally produced honey.  Check the local farmers market or specialty food stores.

8.  Order a case of “Who Gives a Crap” bamboo toilet

paper.  There is a very pretty “Gift” edition

available now with each roll wrapped in colorful

paper that can be used for Christmas wrapping.

 Gift several rolls or a whole case.  I guarantee

your friends and family won’t forget this unique gift

and they will enjoy the “Go”.


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