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Autumn Leaf Reflections

A poem: Loretta Strharsky

Autumn Leaf Reflections

I held on as long as I could.

The wind unrelenting

trying to remove me by force.

I was not ready.

I insisted I will stay for a few days more.


A chilling rain with ice crystals

had other ideas.

I must have been targeted.

There was no way to stay.

I joined the inevitable swirl with others,

the almost majestic ride taking me

beyond the cluster of other reds and yellows

trapped along the walkway fences.

I, with Robert Frost,

took a different road.

One smiling 3-year old bends down to collect

a leaf here and there

then chooses me to be the day’s treasure.

I now reside on the table near her bed,

Under glass

Preserving my color

And her smile.



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