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A Plain Old Blue Jean Story

George Becker - Pexels

Blogger: Amie Brodie - Boomer - Toledo, Ohio

Two days ago, we put new packages of bees in our hives.

It may not have ever occurred to you that you can buy bees, or that anyone might want to, but this is the way new beekeepers will acquire bees; by ordering them from people who raise bees for that purpose. They come in a wooden or plastic box with screen on the sides called a ‘package’. There is a metal can with sugar water suspended in the box to feed the bees, and stapled to the top on the inside is a smaller box with the queen in it, separate from the workers. This is so you can find her and see that she is healthy and alive.

I'm so glad to have bees again. They bring a life to my property that's hard to explain.

On a sunny day, I'll slip unnoticed close to the hive; there's a deep, sweet smell that I can almost taste, and a fizzy, humming energy rising off the boxes as bees dance and reel, telling each other stories of warm fields and waving flowers.

I see them working alongside me in the garden or in the grass, to bring in the summer light and store it up against January's cold darkness.

In the evening they come home to settle in, each one close by her sisters and friends.

Do they talk together about the day?

I wonder; do they love?



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