99 Ideas to Save Environment Around the House

The home is a place over which we have a great deal of control.  It is also a font of pollution and energy usage.  We affect the environment by the way we eat, our methods of heating and cooling, the way we handle lighting and ventilation and water, what we grow, how we handle our garbage and trash, and by the chemicals we use.  The following are just a few of the ideas we have on our website that can help to reshape your small patch of the globe.

3 Use reusable Aluminum or steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles

16 Opt out of junk mail sources  Read More

32 Use dehumidifier water for plants Read More

64 Buy a personal waste furnace to recycle plastics etc back to oil  Debate!

66 Use rags instead of paper towels Read More

126 Borrow or rent items you rarely need

133 Turn useless junk into creative works of art Read More

174 Read online newspapers Read More

177 Get in habit of turning off lights whenever leaving a room

185 Cancel your bank statements and get online