34 ideas to fight climate change in the laundry room

The Laundry is where we use lots of water and electricity. We have an opportunity to help the environment out if we clean our clothes thoughtfully.

31 Put up an outdoor clothesline  Read More And More

79 Half a cup of vinegar in a small load will soften your laundry  Read More

97 Use lower heat on drier

116 Only do full loads of laundry

218 Use metal and wood hangers

238 Use drying racks to dry clothes  Read More

324 Consider using soap nuts instead of laundry detergent  Read More

564 Don’t over dry your clothes.  It wears them out.  Now you need more clothes

565 Buy dryer with moisture sensor that automatically shuts off when the clothes are dry.

566 Empty dryer lint screen between every load to improve energy efficiency  Read More

567 Wash your clothes in cold or warm water. Use a cold water detergent