15 More Social Action, Environment Saving Ideas from Our Readers - May 2020

Pexels Pok Rie

Here are 15 more ideas we just added to our Social Action/Individual portion of our website. Check out the rest of the action ideas under the social action menu button. Now is the time for all of us to get into action!

The number before the idea indicates the order in which it was entered into the data base.

1258 Know your "Foodprint" (I'll have a post on how my Footprint came out soon.)


Essentially this is a calculator that allows you to discover how eco-friendly you eating habits are. There are all kinds of calculators out there and they are useful when determining how well we are doing. It’s the old “if we can measure it we can manage it” thing. Use these calculators. They’re fun!

1261 Record your acts of green

Sometimes we think we are doing quite well in our efforts to live sustainably. Other times we think we are dismal failures. One way to figure that out is to keep a simple list that reminds us of how we are doing. It also is a motivator for us to do more. Post it on the fridge!

1322 Wear clothes with environmental slogans

My wife recently purchased two sweatshirts with “The is No Planet B” and a cute logo across the front. Anyone who sees it will think about the environment. It’s that simple. To wear clothing embossed with environmental slogans may remind dozens of people to think about the future and their role in it. There is some nice stuff to wear - check it out.

1401 Listen to The Green Divas podcasts


If you haven’t joined the podcast crowd, you should give it a try. There are scads of green podcasts out there. Some are a little frightening, others enlightening and still others have a great sense of humor. The Green Divas aren’t a bad place to start.

1427 If you are depressed about the future get counseling


There are a great many people who are distressed about the future of our world and the effect it could have on their children and grandchildren. In addition, thousands of scientists and their families are struggling with what they know about the degradation of the environment. It’s ok to read about climate change and mental health. The important thing is to talk to someone about it. Get a little help.