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32 Social Action Ideas to Fight Climate Change as an Individual

Photo by Marcus Spiske

Social action starts at home. The journey is easier and more fun with a friend.

71 Join environmental action groups (see "Links" page on this website)

138 Donate to environmental cause Read More

158 Let your friends know about this web site

159 Make an environmental plan and write it down  Read More

335 Invest in renewable energy stocks  Read More

375  Devote 1 hour a week to environment efforts Read More

403 Use a credit union instead of a bank  Read More

405  Attend webinars on the environment (just search webinars on the environment)

408  Start your own blog on the environment Read More

742 Find free local energy saving products programs Read More

958 Read books on sustainable living Read More

966 Create videos and slideshows of your sustainable actions and publish them

967 Create a better web site than this one and publish it

979 Offset your annual carbon emissions by voluntary purchasing carbon credits  Read More

982 Hunt and eat wild game and line caught fish

984 Plan a green burial  Read More

1002 Take environmental classes at local school

1016 Subscribe to on line environmental newsletters Read More

1021 Read some climate fiction Read More

1022 Never miss a vote

1072 Learn how to compute your plastic footprint Read More

1096 Author an environmental novel or short story

1116  Endorse and promote the Paris agreement

1118 Back a scientist running for office

1120 Map local air pollution

1121 Support publications reporting on climate change Read More

1122 Listen to climate podcasts like Warm Regards Read More

1179 Sign up for course in citizen action Read More

1127 Attend a city government meeting on the environment

1224 Know specifically what consensus means on climate changes Read More

1229 Join fight to pass Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 Read More

1230  If you are super anxious about the future get some help Read More


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