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We are committed to helping others succeed in their work on behalf of our environment.  We will contribute $5.00 for every blog posted on this website to a group or organization who shares our mission. 

The Simpson Street Free Press

Multiple locations in Southeastern Wisconsin - Since 1992

The elementary through high school students of the Simpson Street Free Press publish newspapers.  They receive individualized language arts instruction through an intricate writing-for-publication process. Students conduct research in authentic 21st century newsrooms. They write and read extensively studying core subject areas: science, history, geography, and the arts. SSFP students learn the basics: hard work, curiosity, academic confidence, and core subject curriculum. The publications they produce are well known and popular, inspiring young readers throughout Wisconsin. Students are promoted through the newsroom ranks. Young people, many of color, take on leadership roles. SSFP also operates a network of youth book clubs and publishes two bilingual newspapers. 

10001Ways is proud to partner with SSFP.  While not considered an environmental organization, they have long championed environmental and Climate Change issues with insightful news articles and editorials.  They are young journalists learning a craft essential to our future.  We invite and welcome both present and past writers of the Simpson Street Free Press to our blog.

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