The Stairway to Veganism

Mali Maeder - Pexels

Judy and I have our 14-year-old vegan granddaughter living with us while she pursues her dancing career. The only huge adjustment has been cooking for a vegan. The rest is easy by comparison. Along the way we have learned a lot about the impact of livestock agri-business on our environment. We have also listened to Ana’s pleas concerning the animal cruelty of it all.

I think she expects to make us vegans. Well, perhaps some day, but not all at once. There has to be a progression. Below are my steps to becoming a vegan. I have heard of all of these, except the first two. Those are my additions to the process. I think they are as critical as the others. Without them it just ain’t going to happen. So, don’t skip any or you will never get there.


You have read stuff about the impact of growing billions of animals for slaughter, and the land use to grow their food and graze them, and the methane from all those burps, and the hormones that impregnate the meat, etc. It begins to gnaw at you. You drive past a field of grazing, cud-chewing black angus steers. One swings his head your way. You push it out of your mind. You look at your butter burger and think you should have ordered just one patty and not two. You become haunted. You are now a Thinkatarian.


You hold your pen above the check-the-meal card for your nephews wedding. Reluctantly you move past the steak and check the baked chicken. I don’t know, maybe we can eat meat just twice a week instead of five times a week. I certainly don’t need to eat that big steak. Maybe we can share it. I guess I’ll make a peanut butter sandwich instead of the salami and cheese.


Screw the red meat. I can do this. Just have the chicken and turkey ready. I mean, hell, have a lot of it ready. At Culver’s it’s now only the chicken sandwich or the chicken salad. That ‘Impossible Burger’ is looking mighty good. You nod when you see the "eat mor chikin" ad.