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Steward of The Earth Challenge - January 2020

The Steward of the Earth Challenge – January 2020

10001 Ways has launched a “Stewards of the Earth Challenge” for all who want to give it a try. You simply have to accumulate 10001 points by adopting behaviors that fight climate change and save the environment.

Here’s how it works. Each month the staff at will publish challenges to accomplish. Each challenge will have points attached to it. When you reach 10001 points you have become a Steward of the Earth! You won’t have to do all of them to get to 10001 points. There will be plenty opportunities.

Invite a friend along for the ride. Have your own contest and see who can get there the quickest! By the way, if you are already doing these things take the points! When you get to 10001 let us know and we’ll recognize you for your accomplishment.

January 2020

750 Points – Buy a Carbon Offset

This is an easy thing to do but has a significant impact on global carbon emissions. Here is an example of how a carbon offset works. Let’s say you fly to Orlando, Florida for vacation. For every person on the plane a certain amount of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. It can be computed. Now let’s say you invest money in a solar project (or wind or tree planting etc). For every dollar invested you can compute how much less carbon goes into the atmosphere. So if you would invest an amount of money in a solar project that would replace the same amount of carbon emitted when you flew to Orlando, you have just created a carbon offset. Go to a website like and they will do it for you. I created a post that shows you how easy it was to buy a carbon offset. It’s a big deal so take 750 points if you do it just once.

150 Points – Send an email to your Senator or Congressperson asking about their Climate Change stance.

Individuals in power are the ones that must act on behalf of the environment. Unfortunately, they don’t act unless they think that the voters will vote against them if they don’t. So send a card to your local politician and simple tell him or her that you will vote for the person who has the most aggressive agenda on behalf of the environment. Take another 150 points if you get a friend to do it too.

100 Points – Start using reusable lunch pouches for your kids

There really isn’t any reason to use plastic bags for school lunches anymore. Reusable lunch pouches are all over the place and lots of people have made the change. It’s not only easy but gets the environmental conversation going at home and at school. Kids want to help the environment and their future. You can help them do it. Look for alternatives and let them pick out the ones they want.

150 Points – Ask your employer to match an environmental fundraising at work

Pick out an environmental cause that you and your co-workers would be interested in supporting. Get a little committee together. Set a fund raising window and go to your employer to ask whether they would match the contributions. Make the cause something that aligns with the business you are in. There are a zillion organizations to support. Be sure to pass out materials or, better yet, use links to the internet to show co-workers how important your cause is.

750 Points – Take the train

Instead of flying to a destination, take the train. Flying in an airplane is one of most carbon intensive things an individual can do. If you are traveling to a destination within 400 miles you may be able to take the train and it won’t really take more time if you consider how many hours the air travel day requires start to finish. The train is more fun as well. Check it out.

50 Points Use the correct burners on your stove

This is one of those little things you can do that add up when we all do it. Less energy is used when the pot fits and burner. That’s all there is to it. Is it a big deal? Maybe not, but when you start doing these little things you sharpen your awareness and awareness is the key to conservation. Take fifty points if you do this for a month.

100 Points – Change your furnace filter twice this year

Dirty furnace filters cause the blower motor in your furnace to work harder and use more energy. Sometimes plugged filters can cause motor failures and expensive repairs. This is usually the same motor used during the air conditioning cycle. Normally, you replace the filter before the heating season and before the cooling season depending on how many hours your appliances run. So, check the filter and if its dirty get a new one.

200 Points – Start using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins

It’s amazing how much money we spend on paper products. We have been conditioned as consumers to use paper towels and paper napkins by the billions. Get yourself a little napkin basket to place on the table and fill it with cloth napkins. Have another basket in the laundry you toss the napkins into when they need washing. We did it and were surprised to see how easy this was. It takes a lot of resources to create paper products so stop using them. By the way, it is definitely a money saver.

The 10001ways Pledge:

I pledge to be a steward of the earth: to be conscious of the water I use, the chemicals I discharge, the energy I burn, the condition of plants and soil, the food I waste, the materials I consume and discard. I accept responsibility for the space I have been given. I do this in the name of all creatures who inhabit the earth, especially the ones to whom my space shall pass.


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