"Planet of the Humans" - Yikes!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


I watched Michael Moore’s new movie - twice. It’s called “Planet of the Humans” written and directed by Jeff Gibbs. It should have been entitled, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, but I guess that moniker had already been taken. It is, at best, a disjointed attempt to convince us that we can’t be saved from the disaster of climate change by renewable energy. We have to do it ourselves. Along the way they seemed determined to destroy the “illusion” of the wind and solar industry, and a few reputations as well.

The Bad:

The information on the renewables industry is dated, incomplete and, at times, grossly misleading if not flat out wrong. Orchestrated conspiracy theories are manipulated to convince us that the ‘environmental royalty’ is on the take and selling us out, and the worthwhile points the movie makes are buried under a slag heap of ridiculous theater.

Scene One - The theft of Earth Day: 60s style hippies sing on stage and a couple dozen barefoot longhairs dance in the grass while stealthy sleuthing unveils the truth. Although promoters have told the crowd the event was totally powered by solar energy there are only enough solar panels to power the stage and it’s not working very well. Need we say more? He comes full circle at the end of the movie to show nothing has changed except the intrusion of big business.

Scene two - Jimmy, John and the hard hat: Two guys roam around in the forest whispering as they find a secret facility designed to destroy the north woods. A guy with a hard hat on and a walkie-talkie finds them and calls for helicopter gunships.

Scene three - The mayor and the solar furnace: A visit to the pilot test site of the first SEGS solar furnace in Daggett, CA. They make it appear to be a second Area 51 lockdown. A “impromptu” visit to the solar field reveals disaster. OH MY GOD! The mirrors are broken, and the solar furnace isn’t working! Who knew!! Someone should tell the major.

There’s more but you get the point.

Then we have to deal with the historical evidence of the wind and solar folly. After combing through decades historical film clips what do they come up with? Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor, a clip from the introduction of the Volt in (2010), a new and very dated Lansing solar system from whatever year. They claim solar panels last for ten to twenty years before they need to be replaced and are only 8% efficient, that electric cars are powered by coal, exhibiting no awareness of the improvements in power generation and electrical grids. There is a conspicuous lack of dates and names and places throughout their journey. The bottom line seems to suggest that the cradle to grave carbon footprint of a renewables is equal to or even greater than that of a fossil fuels all things taken into consideration. Their proofs are drawn from past struggles by the fledgling industry with no regard to current realities nor any consideration of future promise.

I check one more time to see if this movie was made in 2010. No, it was 2020.

The Ugly:

Along the way they construct some pretty fancy conspiracy theories. Let